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World Meteorological Day 2017 "Understanding Clouds"

March 23

The World Meteorological Organization (United Nations organization based in Geneva / Switzerland) celebrates Meteorology Day every year on the 23rd day of March. The theme of this year's 2017 celebration is focused on clouds and their role in making weather. On this basis, the Qatar General Authority for Civil Aviation, represented by the Meteorological Department, will join the International Organization and its Member States in the celebration of this day by organizing a workshop for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries on Thursday 23/3/2017. The workshop, entitled Capacity Building in the GCC Weather Forecast Centers, aims to increase readiness and preparation in the GCC weather forecast offices, and to enhance mutual cooperation, and to keep updated with the latest developments in the field of weather forecast. The workshop comes as a complement of Qatar active role at the Commission of Meteorology of the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

His Excellency Mr. Abdullah bin Nasser Turki Al-Subaey, Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority said: "The rapid change in the global and regional climates has led to an increasing need for information on climatic conditions and daily weather conditions for individuals, government agencies, and private entities in the country whose activities are affected by weather conditions, which will increase and enhance the interaction between the competent national authority for the collection of weather and climate information and those who use it. Thus, the important role played by meteorology in various social, economic and developmental fields has emerged.

He also noted the importance of meteorological information and data for political decision makers in emergencies and crises cases , the fields of agriculture, health, transport and water resources management, and finally in the programs of sustainable development of the country for the benefit of present and future generations.

HE concluded by saying "I extend my sincere congratulations to all on the occasion of World Meteorological Day 2017, wishing more progress and success of the meteorological department in the Authority to serve the State of Qatar under the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani".

For his part, the Director of the Meteorological Department of the Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Mannai, said that “the Meteorological Department is delighted with the participation of the international community in observing the World Meteorological Day, this celebration will highlight the positive contribution and the useful services of meteorology at the individual and community levels. Meteorology and its application have seen a rapid development in the recent decades, and become essential in all types of development, life aspects, and sectors. Moreover, the weather and climate now is one of the most important global environmental issues. Based on this ,the role of meteorology became a strategic feature starts from the protection of life and property and infrastructure to Serve vital sectors such as water, food and health, in addition to the pivotal role in the service of air, sea and land navigation.

He added that “the celebration of this year's special theme of Understanding Clouds is an opportunity to deepen the consideration of the great role the clouds play in the designing of weather and climate, in the hope that the future will see a more accurate understanding of the clouds formation and rain, snow, and hail mechanisms, which will reflect on the accuracy of weather forecasts.

He thanked the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority, H.E. Mr. Abdullah bin Nasser Turki Al-Subaey, for the continuous support receives from him. He also thanked all the staff of the Meteorological Department of the General Authority for Civil Aviation for their outstanding efforts and their active participation, and asked them to continue the hard work to preserve recently achievements thanks to Allah Almighty and to serve our dear country ".

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