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Fresh to strong northerly winds expected to return on weekend.

January 10

Fresh to strong northwesterly winds expected to return from Wednesday night (11-1-2017) until Saturday evening (14-1-2017) due to a ridge of Siberian high pressure system. Winds expected to range between 12 to 22knots inland reaching 35 knots offshore causing wave heights to rise between 7 to 10 Ft reaching 15 Ft in the north. In addition, temperatures will drop to their regular average for this time with a maximum of (20 to23°C) expected in Doha and (13 to 16 °C) minimum. However, minimum temperature expected to drop below 10° C in open areas and southern parts of the country with greater feeling of cold due to windy conditions. Therefore, Qatar Meteorology Department urges all to be cautious and to avoid going to sea during this period.

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